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While there are some benefits to starting work at 6am, there are also some fucked up things. Like having to wake up at 430.

Today was rough getting up, which sucks because I’m fucking tired. I probably look a mess, but the truth is: I don’t care. I thought I slept pretty decently. But when I got up at 4 am and tried to sleep a little longer, it honestly wasn’t happening. My mind was thinking of a thousand things and it was torture. I couldn’t really tell you what I was thinking about. I was cold, it was earlier, it went through my “do I seriously need this job?” Phase I go through every day I start work at 6am.

I absolutely hate that I can’t shut off my mind. It’s time for sleep or at the very least some slight shut eye. But instead, I was thinking about random things.

At 530am, like always, I requested my uber for work. Although the ride was super speedy (approximately 15 mins) I was upset he kept trying to talk to me and I couldn’t nap. At least I got there early enough to buy coffee, but still. I’m exhausted and desperately want to float so I can get some better sleep.

with love.