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My last day at this god-forsaken job will be the 29th of May and I am excited. I have already interviewed for a better, more exciting position at a small company much closer to my home. I hope I get it! I want something that will challenge me, but won’t be too hard on my body. Something that will allow me to continue working at my other job, and just pays a decent amount, and allows me to be around people where my opinion actually matters.

This job seems really fun but challenging. I wear a lot of hats and will handle a lot of roles. I hope I get this job because it allows me the flexibility I want, as well as the free time I so desperately want and need. I enjoy jobs that allow me to try and do new things; it prevents me from putting all my eggs in one basket, while allowing me to master new skills.

This summer, I want to focus on myself. I want challenging things and not work at a job that doesn’t value or appreciate me, my thoughts or opinions.

I feel that the interview went well and they were really impressed by me. I was truly nervous, but the people I talked with were welcoming and relaxed and look like great employers: someone who I can actually take to and have my opinions looked at, instead of belittling me because I’m new. From the past two recent jobs I’ve had, (one I’m currently still at and one I’m leaving) I can seriously see the difference in being a boss and a leader.

There’s currently nothing I want more right now than this job. It’s such an amazing opportunity.

…Change is life. Stagnation is death. If you don’t change, you die. It’s that simple. It’s that scary.
—  Leonard Sweet