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Sometimes it is so weird saying “I love you,” mostly because it gets toss around so much and it doesn’t seem as powerful. Kind of like the word ‘bitch’: say it 10 times and it no longer sounds like a word.

Love is such a powerful term and a powerful abstract feeling, in my opinion. I’ve never truly loved someone, let alone feel loved by someone until this year. And it is an amazingly scary feeling.

Surely we’ve all said “i love you” and didn’t mean it. But when I hear him say it, I know he means it. It’s not a joke, nor a tactic to get what he wants: he truly means it.

My boyfriend is someone who allows me to be myself: a giant crybaby who is always cold, who speaks in different and weird voices all the time. I’ve never truly felt so open and so close to someone. I feel like he knows everything about me: the good, bad and ugly. I know he has my back, and when I have a rough day filled with pain, he makes sure I’m taken care of. I can honestly say I love this guy, with a love I never felt capable of feeling. I can truly say I can be 100% myself and not be judged. I can have no makeup on and wear my natural hair and he’ll still think I’m the most beautiful lady person ever. I know he has my back, just like I have his.


We are the perfect team. I love you.